Virtual Smiles

Virtual Smiles

The easiest and fastest way to look at how you look your best!
Virtual Smiles

Augmenting your Way to a Healthier, Happier You.

An amazing smile is more than just a vanity project. Straight, aligned teeth allow for better pronunciation and oral health; they are also easier to clean and easier to diagnose decay compared to teeth that are crooked or misaligned. Virtual Smiles helps users imagine their future with perfectly positioned teeth. 

How does Virtual Smiles Work?

Virtual Smiles is a top of the line simulation software that allows users to virtually try on different smiles that best works with their complexion and natural bone structure. Smart augmentation technology digitally manipulates customer photos in order to create a hyper realistic image of the user but with various smiles.
Virtual Smiles allows for optimal customization. Users can compare teeth brightness, select teeth straightening, and even veneers.
The Virtual Smiles process is completely non-invasive. No dental office visit is required, simply a high resolution image and good lighting.
Getting started is quite easy. If you already have photos that include your current smile, it’s easy to upload them to Virtual Smiles and get started!


Who Hosts Virtual Smiles?

Virtual Smiles is hosted by the same company that brought you the Dentulu app. Dentulu Incorporated is the industry leader of dental software; they’re the creators of the MouthCAM as well as the highly successful charcoal tooth cleaning and whitening powder.
Virtual Smiles
Virtual Smiles

Am I able to use Virtual Smiles with Braces?

The Virtual Smiles technology is so specialized that it works well even with braces. For best results, braces with brightly colored bands are recommended. Users with clear aligners are recommended to leave them off their teeth for best augmentation and simulation.


Virtual Smiles

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